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In shelter Cat

Las Vegas, NV, 89129
Pet name:
Domestic Medium Hair
Black & White / Tuxedo
Coat length:
Hi, I’m mantis? 

I am almost 4 months old, and was born with only three legs which doesn’t slow me down one bit! I am the perfect mix of playful and cuddly. I absolutely love my snuggles and when my foster mom gives my face kisses. I do love to talk when I’m in the mood, specifically when i’m snuggling up by your face and want more kisses? I love my food and will always let you know when i’m hungry, whether i’m screaming or i’m running under your feet or as fast as I can to get to my bowl! I get along great with all of my other foster cat and dog siblings! Most Importantly, I am bonded with my sister, drax, we are inseparable. If she runs away from me too fast, and I can’t find her quick enough, I am crying and searching for her. it’s the saddest but cutest thing you’ll ever see and hear, so we can’t be separated?? 

I’m drax?

I am also almost 4 months old, and have all 4 of my legs, even though my sister is the cutest thing you will ever see. My favorite thing is playing with my sister… okay, maybe I lied, I might like jumping on the counters a little bit more, but my foster mom is doing a good job at teaching me to stay off of things i’m not supposed to be on. I am definitely the more playful one, and when Im playing I like to arch my back and get super puffy to make myself look bigger, It’s super fun and hilarious LOL. When my sister and I aren’t playing, we are cuddling. Mantis is my best friend and we love each other to pieces, even when we are pouncing on each other ? I do love cuddling with my other foster cat siblings, and making biscuits on soft blankets! I get along great with my foster dog siblings as well??

As soon as you meet my sister mantis and I, be prepared to totally fall in love. we are the cutest bonded pair?

APPLY NOW ??????


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