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Kona (Fostered in Omaha)   

In shelter Cat

Papillion, NE, 68046
Pet name:
Kona (Fostered in Omaha)
Domestic Medium Hair
Black & White / Tuxedo
Are you looking for a super sweet, EASY, low energy and chill cat? Kona is your girl! She is a GORGEOUS young cat, estimated at 4 yrs old, and petite at around 8lb. She is a Domestic Medium Hair with a full, flouffy tail. She found herself on the euthanasia list at a large city shelter due to not adjusting to the stress of the shelter and shelter was quickly running out of space. Thankfully she made her way to Town and Country and her life was spared! She has a quiet, calm, shy, but VERY affectionate temperment. Once she gets to know you, she will LOVE you to pieces! She loves making biscuits while getting love and she has a loud, soothing purr. She does talk to you with her sweet, little meows and her trills. She enjoys petting all over and gives your hand head butts and lots of love nibbles in return to say thank you for the love. She wants to show you how much she appreciates the affection! She enjoys getting brushed also. She enjoys her canned food with warm water added and LOVES her Bursts crunchy treats. She will NOT drink water from a dish or a fountain so her family will NEED to give her canned food 2x daily with added water to keep her healthy. She is fine with getting picked up when you need to but doesnt like to be carried around or held for loves (very few cats do!). She will sit in your lap for a short while to get some love. She loves to bat around little pom poms balls! Daydreaming while looking out of the large window is a favorite pastime of hers, expecially at night when the bugs come to visit! At night, she enjoys sleeping either on the foot of the human bed on a blanket or near the pillow on her blanket. She likes to curl up and nap completely UNDER a blanket at times! She is silly that way and quite adept at getting under there herself! She has perfect litter box habits also. She is great about using her horizontal carboard scratching pad. This girl has stolen her foster mom and sisters heart and she is sure to do the same to yours! 

She will need a loving and understanding home that will allow her time and her own smaller space to get acclimated and comfortable in her new home. A quiet home without a lot of traffic in and out and without young kids is what this sweet girl needs to thrive and shine. I dont know how she would do with dogs as she hasnt been introduced to her foster dog brother.. I do think she would be fine with other calm cats if she was provided her own space/room first and given plenty of time and patience to settle in before proper introductions were started. She is slowly being introduced to one of the resident cats in the home and they both napped on the human bed. 

The adoption fee is $125 and covers age appropriate vaccines, deworming, FIV/FELV test, a microchip, and a spay/neuter.

Applications are typically worked in time stamp order based on date/time of submission. If you have other cats in your home, they must all be up to date and spayed/neutered prior to application submission. All members of the family must meet the pet. 

*****We are currently operating by appointment only during the social distancing stage of quarantine. If you want to meet this pet, or are interested in adopting, please submit an inquiry or email to Someone from the rescue will contact you and/or your family and determine, on a broad level, whether you might be a fit for the animal. If so, they will provide instructions for completing the application. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted to set up a time to meet at the shelter or the foster home. The introduction between you and the pet will be supervised by one of the cat team or the foster. If all goes well, you can adopt during the same visit.

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