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In shelter Cat

Richmond, IN, 47374
Pet name:
Domestic Medium Hair
Coat length:
Sophie is one of the sweetest & gentlest cats you will meet. She easily blends into the crowd as well as can live happily by herself. Sophie was pulled from a shelter as a kitten with her sisters Sasha & Sapphire about 5 years ago. They went into foster because black kitties get so overlooked and they needed a gentle place to hang out. Sapphire & her sister have homes so now its just Sophie still looking and they have come back to the clinic to reside. She is the most adaptable cats you will meet. She would make a wonderful companion/therapy cat. She is so gentle and sweet and has of late been sharing her voice with us and she will just melt in your arms or lap. Please help us get this girl the home of her own she so deserve. Sophie did reside in a senior complex with a lady until she couldnt take care of her anymore and she did fabulous!
  ****Sophie is currently in a foster home. While she did ok in the clinic free roaming cat room, she does need wet food or she can have bouts of stomatitis from eating the hard food. ( is easily controlled with a shot at the vet, but she has been in foster care 4 months with no signs,, if she stays away from dry food that makes a huge difference for nothing to aggravate it)She has become quite the foodie in her foster home and has found a voice! She talks to you in the kitchen to give food reminders, and she will talk to the other cats to get off your lap when she wants to sit on it. She has blossomed a bit more but is a truly wonderful loving and gentle cat and she would love to be spoiled and to spoil you back!


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