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Aqua & Topaz   

In shelter Cat

Anaheim, CA, 92804
Pet name:
Aqua & Topaz
Domestic Short Hair
Seal Point
Coat length:
**Bonded Brother & Sister Pair. 
MUST be Adopted Together!**

All About Aqua and Topaz!!

Topaz is a one year old male shorthair cat. He can be extremely talkative and is not shy about expressing opinions. Topaz loves to play with small balls, batting them down the hallway and carrying them up and down the stairs. Topaz has earned the nickname "No-Bones Cat" as he loves to flop in unusual spots and lay in contorted positions, oftentimes perched precariously on the edge of a couch or bed. Topaz loves to snuggle and will sleep either in your lap or on your chest while nuzzling your neck. He does not bite or complain but does like to get attention by pawing at your legs (or your face, if he can reach it). He will sleep on the bed at night and loves to sleep in the window during the day. Topaz loves to play with and chase his sister, Aqua. He has been fostered in a home with two dogs so is comfortable around other animals.\xa0

Aqua is a one year old female shorthair cat. She is still reserved around people and will accept attention on her terms. For most of the day she will sleep in dark spaces (under the bed or in the closet are her favorite spots), and will come out in the evening and early morning. She will meow for attention and has been cuddling with people but is still getting comfortable with being held and pet (but once she is you will learn that she has the softest belly!). At night she will jump into bed and lay on your chest while you pet her. Aqua doesnt have much interest in playing with toys but loves to play with and chase her brother, Topaz. She has been fostered in a home with two dogs so is comfortable around other animals.

These two sweethearts will be an amazing addition to your home. Wont you let them show you how great this duo is?


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