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Mrs. Crabtree   

In shelter Cat

Atlanta, GA, 30318
Pet name:
Mrs. Crabtree
Domestic Short Hair
Hi, Im Mrs. Crabtree, and I love to cuddle!! My foster Mom says Im a great companion to have around the house because I wants to be part of everything!! My favorite things to do include yoga, reading, and naps wherever the sun shines. Im very observant and curious especially of activities I see for the first time---like watching foster Mom fold the clothes. Im also a vocal kitty, and I like to have conversations--I greet my foster Mom every morning with cuddles and meows when I want food or playtime. If I need some alone time or am ready for a nap, Ill let you know. New people are intriguing, and Im very friendly to them. Sometimes I knock things over Im not supposed to--Im still a young kitty, after all. Please give me lots of treats--the crunchy ones are my favorite. Am I the perfect match for you? I know you are for me, so please fill out an adoption application so we can meet. Love, Mrs. Crabtree


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