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Lavender Loaf   

In shelter Cat

Austin, TX, 78704
Pet name:
Lavender Loaf
Domestic Short Hair
Gray / Blue / Silver
Friendly, Playful, Social

Do you have shoes? Then Lavender Loaf would love to meet you - and your shoes! She kinda has a thing for shoes, but shes polite about it and will wait until you take them off. Then she will stick her head inside one and ruuuuubbbbb her head all around!

Lavender Loaf - called "Lav" in her foster home - has a variety of ways that she likes to be affectionate with you. When she feels extra lovey, she will nuzzle your face! She enjoys for you to hold her (if its her idea, of course, because she is a cat) and will snuggle in your arms. When she is super-duper happy, she will roll around on the floor and let you rub her tummy!

Other times, Lav likes her independence and simply wants to know where you are in the house, and then she will go off on her own and have a snooze. In addition to her loud purr motor, she will meow to let you know she is looking for you!

Then there is her playful side! Lav has the best time with toys that move, like string toys. Sometimes she gets her bunny-kick on with a kicker toy, and when the spirit moves her, she zooms back and forth, up and down the hallway!

Lav wont be your shadow, but she likes for her beloved humans to be around. She is okay by herself, but would prefer a home with people around to hang with and play with. She likes interaction! We also think she might like a four-legged companion to play with - maybe another calm FeLV+ cat or a friendly, small dog!

Lav has an old injury to one of her eyes that has long since healed, and it changed the shape of the eye, giving her a bit of a winky look. It doesnt bother her in any way, and we find it kind of cute!

Lav has an exquisite solid blue coat and tiny, adorable feet! She is the perfect blend of affectionate and independent. Contact us today to arrange a meet & greet!

Lavender Loaf has tested positive for Feline Leukemia. FeLV is not a type of cancer. Its a virus that causes a weaker immune system and often a shorter life-span. For the most part, FeLVies are just like any other cat. APA! waives the adoption fees of these cats, and provides FeLV-related treatment and support post-adoption. Lavender Loaf can only live with other FeLV+ cats, but dogs and other animals are just fine! Any questions? Wed love to talk with you about FeLV care.

All APA! cats are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and have updated vaccines and a microchip. Lifetime support is offered by our Cat Behavior Team.

For further information or to meet Lavender Loaf contact