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In shelter Cat

Baltimore, MD, 21209
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Courtesy post:

9 year old female gray/white domestic shorthair cat. We found her and her two siblings in a parking lot when they were kittens - dirty and near starvation. I saved them from being run over by a car (they were blocking a car in the parking lot and the driver was attempting to run them over). We were able to find homes for her two siblings but she was the lone kitten we werent able to find a home for before we PCSed. Tried to find a home for her in Alabama and then again in Wyoming and DC but no luck.

Delilah is athletic, independent, very sweet. Shell gladly take attention but is content to sit peacefully by herself also. Shes the athlete of the clowder.

We found Delilah in a parking lot and shes been an indoor only cat ever since. No health problems, super friendly, gets along with other cats. Shes never been around a dog but I think shed do well depending on the dog. She does well around kids but usually just tries to keep her distance from them - docile around them but doesnt purposefully go near them. Ill attach a few more photos of her to use.

Shes spayed, behind on her rabies shot but shes kept inside so we werent in a rush to get it caught up. Weve never had any medical problems with her. Very strong, athletic cat.

Shes very affectionate but fine being independent also. Great, adoptable personality.

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