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In shelter Cat

Baltimore, MD, 21230
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby (Brown / Chocolate)
Sylvia is a senior cat who has had a rough life so far, but is ready to spend her golden years being loved and spoiled!

This petite little lady was rescued from a Baltimore alley in bad shape—very thin with badly matted fur. It turns out that she had a very painful dental condition called stomatitis, where the cats immune system overreacts to the bacteria on their teeth. It left her mouth painful and inflamed... she was barely able to eat, and wasnt able to groom herself. (The second photo included in her profile is her "before" picture.)

Its taken several months to get her health back on track, but her mouth is now in good shape, and she has a lovely healthy coat, She takes a liquid medication three times a week (may eventually be able to drop down to once or twice a week) to keep her immune system in check because of the stomatitis. She also has early renal disease, but happily eats renal-friendly canned and dry food. (The girl LOVES her food!)

Sylvia loves to be brushed and appreciates pets and snuggles from her human. Shes rather timid, so may take some time to adjust to a new home. She likely would be OK with another easy-going cat, but would prefer a relatively quiet home to live out her golden years. (Its hard to guess how old she is because her teeth were in such bad shape, but shes probably over 10.) After the rough time shes had, she deserves to be spoiled!

Sylvia is not part of Walter Rescue but is being listed here as a courtesy. For adoption information, visit If you have questions, email her foster mom, Erin, at