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In shelter Cat

Bulverde, TX, 78163
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Brown / Chocolate
A mother and son story you must read.
Molly is a very shy and sweet girl that was dumped at our shelter with two of her kittens, Wilma and Walter.  Wilma found a new home, as she is a very independent girl. Unlike Walter who was not very happy all by himself.  He would always hide anywhere he could find a quiet corner. Molly would not come out behind her litterbox in her house to bond with anyone even though she is a lovely and sweet kitty.  We took Walter to two different foster homes and Walter would not come out and learn to be a social boy even though we knew he was so sweet and loved attention.  He would come out only when he heard the rattle of the ceramic feeding bowls and cat food cans (he likes to eat out of each can, just to taste all that is being offered), then hop back down into his little padded cubby beside the kitchen cabinet.
The other day, I opened Mollys cage to let her learn the trailer and to be social with the other kitties, hoping for a breakthrough.  Well, Walter jumped out of his little corner, ran over to see his mom in her cage immediately.  He began to purr and rub on her little face.  He then ran out to pick up a toy mouse ever so gently by the knot in the end of the tail and took it over to his mom, Molly.  He brought her his favorite toy as a present.  Now we know why Walter didnt like it anywhere else, he wanted to be with his mom.  
If that isnt love, I dont know what is!  We now know that these two, mother and son, cannot be separated.  A beautiful bond.  They truly need a home they can be together in the rest of their lives.
It is very difficult to get mother kitties and older kittens adopted, but a bonded pair will be even more difficult.  These are beautiful kitties with loving personalities and they will become lap kitties very quickly given the chance.  Please give a loving mother and son their forever home, together.
Molly is approximately 1 year old.  Walter is approximately 6 months old,
Come in to see them on Tues, Thurs. or Sat 10-1.
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