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In shelter Cat

Cape May Court House, NJ, 08210
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
Many of the shelter cats were trapped by animal control and brought to the shelter. They were born to feral “untamed” mothers. They were born outside with no human contact. Human contact only started when they entered the shelter. They were never in a house; therefore, they have never seen a TV, carpet or stairs. This necessarily does not mean they will not make good house pets they just won’t be instant “house pets.”   You must go slow, the slower the better. A small room to start off with. Many short hands-on visits’ is best. The kitty will get used to the sounds, smells and the people. Small children are too active, older kids could work out if you home is very quiet.  There are many different levels of “Feral Cats.” The shelter staff can point you in the right direction for a successful adoption. These cats do not try to get out, they feel safer in an enclosed area. Feral cats make great one-on-one companions, they usually only bond with one or two people and are quite faithful.  If you have LOTS of PATIENCE, then this pair is for you!
Editors note: 
Choo Choo is a munchkin, she is very stoic and relies on her sister for security. She is very scared in new situations.
Nugget is a regular sized cat. She is lively and playful. She does use her teeth a lot and doesnt know how to play with humans well. 
These sisters NEED to stay together and need time to domesticate and adjust.

Due to Covid, the shelter has an appointment only policy. We ask potential adopters to fill out our application, prior to a scheduled meeting. The staff is very accommodating, and we welcome any inquires.

This link will take you to our adoption application.


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