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One-Eyed Jackie   

In shelter Cat

Chico, CA, 95973
Pet name:
One-Eyed Jackie
Domestic Short Hair
Thank you so much for looking into Wags and Whiskers The Cat House for the newest addition to your family.

One-Eyed Jackie came to Wags and Whiskers when staff received a call about a cat that had "a swollen eye" and we offered to help. What we expected was a URI, maybe an eye swollen shut, things we see and help with quite often.
When poor Jackie arrived, she must have been in excruciating pain from the immense pressure built up in her skull; both of Jackies eyes were scarred over, while her left eye was also swollen to at least twice the size of her right eye.
Little Jackie was very scared and hissed and growled at her rescuers as she was rushed to the vet and examined, then being prepped for emergency surgery.

Jackies veterinarian said that her left eye
to be removed and she would likely be mostly blind in her "good" eye. Surgery was complex and rough for poor Jackie, but she pulled through like a trooper and is trying her best to recover from such a long term infection.

Jackie is warming up to her rescuers, and hisses and growls less and less everyday as her eye is checked and cleaned and she is given her medication. We are all very hopeful that she will see how wonderful the people around her are and will grow to be the happy, healthy, playful kitty she deserves to be. - 3/10/22

Jackie continues to gain confidence and trust in humans every single day! Its so hard to imagine that when sweet little Jackie came to us, she was totally feral. Now, thanks to the hard work, devotion and dedication of Wags staff, Jackie has started trusting humans enough to not only allow herself to be petted, but to be picked up and moved from one place to another, and recently, as of 8/22/22 One-Eyed Jackie has made a HUGE bound in her progress of trusting humans, and has started being able to step into a lap, and soak in the pets IN A LAP!

Dont hesitate to come in to meet Jackie TODAY! Jackie has been with us since January 21, 2022 and is absolutely deserving of the best home ever! Jackie doesnt let her missing eye, or her limited vision get her down one bit, she still plays with the other kitties, chases toys and lasers, and gets into things she probably shouldnt, just like any 2-eyed, fully sighted cat would do. The only thing that Jackies eyes play a role in, is that we do require Jackie, specifically, to be an indoor ONLY cat, as she would likely not be able to defend herself from a predator; but that just means she is around you to soak in the loves all day long!

At Wags and Whiskers The Cat House, we do not discriminate against any animal based on their age, current health, or pre-existing medical condition(s). We are a dedicated team of volunteers, with a strong passion for animals and a very special bond with the injured, abused and abandoned. Due to the fact that we work so closely with qualified veterinarians, we are able, and willing, to take on the most complex medical cases to help give them the chance, that ever animal deserves, at a full, happy and healthy life. Our primary goal is giving hope to the hopeless; your adoption helps make a difference.

All of our cats are up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, FIV/FeLV tested, and will be spayed or neutered before being allowed to go home.

Unfortunately, we dont always know the background of each cat. Some were dumped, abandoned in an empty house, left in a box on the side of a road, picked up by animal control as strays, or simply unwanted by their owners.

Please take into consideration that owning a pet is a 10+ year commitment and discuss with all members of your family before submitting an application to adopt.

If you have already filled out an online adoption application with our organization in the last 6 months you do not need to fill out another application. Please call or email us to schedule an appointment 530-588-1160 If you are interested in meeting this pet please apply to adopt at if the pet is still available for adoption and you are approved to adopt we will contact you to set up a meet and greet appointment.