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Bonded Pair Junior and Jojo   

In shelter Cat

Dallas, TX, 75206
Pet name:
Bonded Pair Junior and Jojo
Domestic Short Hair
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
Meet Bonded Pair JoJo and Junior!

Jojo is a female cat with huge golden eyes with hints of green. She has a soft, all gray coat with brown on her underbelly and lighter gray stripes. She meows when she wants attention and when shes happy. Junior also greener eyes, but he has huge pupils, so he always looks surprised. He has a primarily gray coat, white paws, white under his chin, and lighter grays on his underbelly.

Junior is such a polite cat; he loves to just sit next to you in your chair or curl up next to your legs. He is very shy at first but once he is comfortable, he is the cuddliest cat. Jojo is such an energetic, playful cat. She loves chasing things and exploring on her own. When she is ready for attention, she will come up to you meowing. She loves to lay on your chest or in your lap.

Jojo absolutely loves to play fetch! Her favorite toy is just a mylar ball and she will chase it for days. Shell even bring it to you when she wants to play. Junior prefers foam or sponge balls, as he likes to swat them around like a soccer ball. They both grew up around other cats, so they love to play.

Junior and Jojo are brother and sister. We had taken in a friendly neighborhood cat and later found out she was pregnant. They were raised around other cats, but they are ready to find their own homes.

Our adoption fees are $125 for one, $200 for 2, and cover the spay/neuter, age-appropriate shots, microchip, combo test, deworming, and collar and ID tag.

We require our adopters are 21 years old or older, keep the cat inside only (unless on a leash/harness or in a catio), and do not declaw.