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Judy Garland II   

In shelter Cat

Dallas, TX, 75219
Pet name:
Judy Garland II
Domestic Short Hair
Judy Garland is the sweetest kitty, one who is grateful to finally have humans who love her and food readily available. She demands nothing, but shes willing to give everything to the humans who care for her. She wants nothing but to be around her people. Its like shes scared to have any needs, lest her cushy foster home send her back out to the streets. She craves attention, but she wont walk up and shove her face into her foster humans hands like the other cats in the house will. She loves food, but if one of the other cats pushes her away from the bowl, she gives up her meal without a fight. She wants to hang out on the bed with the humans, but if theres not plenty of space for her, she stays on the ground instead of making a spot. All the good things in life have to be directly offered to her because she wont walk up and take them if uninvited. Judys previous life on the streets taught her to make herself small, to make herself unseen, to stay hidden. Shes currently learning to be confident and to be less timid. She will thrive in a home where she doesnt need to compete with too many other things for her humans attention. When Judy does get love and ear scratches and attention, she always lets out little screams of joy. They are the cutest things, and they are how she tells the world that shes a happy girl. Judy does well with other cats, so long as she doesnt need to compete with them too much. She loves to wrestle and to chase her feline foster siblings. She likes her toys, too. Judy is usually very calm, but she does have these spurts of energy when she wants to play! Most of the time, though, shes content to laze about in places where she can still be near her humans. Even during her playful times, Judy moves pretty slow. She is not a high-speed cat. She would love a home that stays pretty calm. Judy has so much love to offer. All she asks in return is that you approach her to give her love in return. Judy is ready to journey over the rainbow to her happily ever after with you. All Dallas Pets Alive adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines upon adoption. The standard minimum donation for cats over six months to seven years is $100, kittens under six months is $150, cats eight years and over are $50 unless specified otherwise. You can view all the adoptable pets and fill out an adoption application online on our website at . For more information, you can email