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Josie (Charlotte) - Fostered in Sunnyvale, Ca   

In shelter Cat

Davis, CA, 95618
Pet name:
Josie (Charlotte) - Fostered in Sunnyvale, Ca
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Josie (Charlotte): Born ~6/23/2008, F, Tabby, Domestic Short Hair
Bonded pair. Must be adopted together.
Fee $100 Total Adoption fee for both cats.

Fostered by John in Sunnyvale, Ca.
Contact John at (408) 813-6320 or email if you have additional questions. If you are interested in adopting this cat, please fill out an Adoption Application, which can be found at . If you are unable to reach John, email us at .

Josie is a sweet tabby cat with large, golden, shining eyes and a white mask on her chin. She is quite agile and if you extend your hand to her pet her, she may decide to dart away or to nuzzle and lick you with gentle kisses. She is always interested in what you are doing, and will chat with you in short trills in response to anything you say or do.

Josie can be quite feisty and curious and prefers to chase blueberries or light reflections on the ceiling/walls. She scampers up and down the hallway when she thinks no one is watching. She will nimbly leap on the bed to sleep at your feet at night, but often decides to climb onto your chest if you dont toss and turn much. Once she learns your routine, Josie makes a great alarm clock cat and will wake you up by sniffing your face and often licking your nose!

Josie, and her companion Charlotte, were adopted together as kittens, and have always been well cared-for. Unfortunately, their human owner passed away last year. She is in good health, and has had recent vet visits and a senior blood panel. She has a minor thyroid issue that is easily maintainable with minimal medication. Josie is missing many of her teeth and mainly eats soft food. Josie and Charlotte are both front-paw declawed and must be indoor-only cats.

Josie and Charlotte would be happiest in a home with relaxed adults who are able to give them lots of attention and plenty of play time. They tend to get stressed around other cats, so they would prefer to be the sole pets in the household and have all of their humans attention.

It takes a conscious decision to adopt an older cat (especially a pair of them), but it is also very rewarding. Mature cats have complex and well-developed personalities, and they bond strongly with the people in their lives. Weve really enjoyed fostering these two easy-going girls, and know that they will be wonderful companions.

Josie is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, eats wet food, and is litterbox perfect.

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