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In shelter Cat

Des Moines, IA, 50313
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
- Independent and playful kitty who enjoys sitting in your lap

- Likes being petted on her head

- When feeling playful likes cat trees and wand toys

- Loves climbing in high places!

- Not a fan of being touched on her belly or by her tail

- Has lived with teens

- Has lived with other cats

- Very shy and takes time to warm up to you, so let her go at the pace she feels comfortable with

- We suspect this cat has allergies (more info at ARL)

This cat can be fearful and may need extra time to adjust to a new home. Weve seen good progress here at the ARL, but dont be surprised if it takes several weeks for this cat to become comfortable in a new place. This cat may hide and just observe at first - maybe for quite a while - and that is perfectly normal. Young children are too much for this cat right now, so we are highly recommending a quiet, mature home. We are happy to provide post-adoption resources. If you can give this cat extra time, patience and TLC, please consider adopting! It will be so rewarding to watch them gain confidence and start enjoying all the good things in life!

This cat has shown signs of overstimulation while in the shelter. Lots of handling, playing with hands, and excessive petting can cause them to overstimulate, which can result in scratching and/or biting. This cat is looking for experienced cat owners who will watch this cats body language while interacting to note signs of overstimulation (tail waving, fur rippling, dilated pupils, ears turned back and quick body movements) and be willing to respect their boundaries. This cat will also benefit from interactive toys such as wands and ball spinners while playing. We are happy to speak with you more when you visit and can provide post-adoption resources. If you can give this cat mental stimulation, patience and space when they need it, please consider adopting! They would love to be your sidekick and buddy for life! Primary Color: Brown Tiger Secondary Color: White Weight: 0lbs Age: 2yrs 4mths 1wks Animal has been Spayed


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