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Roseann - Losing her home.. Urgent   

In shelter Cat

Garwood, NJ, 07027
Pet name:
Roseann - Losing her home.. Urgent
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
This beautiful girl was found wondering the streets of Gillette.  Thought to be a feral kitty she was brought in as a TNR.  Only problem was, the people who found her were moving out of state and this girl would have no one to care for her on the property.  The home had not be purchased yet so there was no one left to make sure she would be well cared for outside.

While in foster care, we noticed that Roseann (named after the person who found her) was NOT feral.  She was just overly playful.  If you are an experienced cat owner and know that cats once they are over stimulated can be a bit rough.  That is all Roseann is, she does not look to hurt you; she just needs to understand that rough is NO.  We are teaching her that in her foster home and the longer she is there to settle the more she is learning.

Roseann LOVES to headbutt you and mush.  She loves brushing and petting.  But she craves it and will get crazy over the attention given.  When she gets on her high is when you just give her a time out to let her calm herself from her excitement.  (She loves it so much.  Which is why we say no young children.  They may not understand that part.

Roseann is NOT a fan of other animals; she is a Diva who wants her humans to herself!

She is approx. 10 years old  Spayed and fully vetted.

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You can see she love to push up against her humans in this photo.