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Blackie - Foster   

In shelter Cat

Grand Rapids, MI, 49534
Pet name:
Blackie - Foster
Domestic Short Hair
Meet Blackie! Shes a sweet little kitten looking for her forever home. We would love it if she could be adopted with one of her siblings, Bentley, Happy, or Sleeper!

Some notes from her foster mom:
Blackie is very sweet and very curious, shes the first one of the litter to crawl out of the basket. 
Smallest one of the litter of 4 kittens. She was the only black kitten of the litter.
First one to jump up and sleep in my bed. 
Her size does not matter to her she tries to wrestle down her older 2 year old brother but then licks him. Shes definitely a cuddler.
She loves helping make the bed and change the sheets. She loves to slide under the sheets and hides under the pillows it makes making the beds much more fun!
Blackie loves the tall cat tower furniture. She runs down the hall and jumps up on top. When its time for a nap she is on the top of the cat tower and lays in there with all 3 siblings and cuddle for naps together.
Blackie loves tunnels, we wrap the carpet rug into a tunnel and she loves to hide and run through there and sneak up on them while shes inside the tunnel and jump on her brothers and sisters.
When she plays she loves to be the center of attention so everyone can see her skills. She loves rubber bouncy balls down the hallway, feathers, anything small like little tops to chase.
Blackie loves to be with everyone, shes never been alone so she joins us in every room, she would love to stay with her brothers Bentley and Happy and sister Sleeper. Loves to cuddle with her mamma and her brothers and sisters she never is alone.


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