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In shelter Cat

Harrisburg, PA, 17111
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby (Brown / Chocolate)
Coat length:
Hello! Im Izzy, a sweet, independent damsel in a bit of distress. I really need a home, a calm, caring home where I can be your only kitty. In April, I lost the only home Ive ever known, so it took me a while to build trust in people again. Now, I love to be petted, and especially enjoy head, chin, and cheek scratches. A slow approach is best at first, but once I give you my paw stamp of approval, I become very attached. If you sit, I plop down beside you and lean against you for scratches and strokes. I have a limit to how long I like to be petted, and will let you know I need a break with a warning meow and gentle swat. I dont care to be picked up and cuddled, but Im still a wonderful, loyal companion. I even play with wand toys, but Im more of a pro at spending solo time snoozing on the couch, or following you around to snoopervise your daily activities. Ill be fine by myself if you need to go to work or leave the house, but will always welcome your return with leg rubs and purrs. A savvy cat owner who respects my space will be perfect. No other pets or little ones, please! I would love a quiet, comfy place to lay my head, and live in peace. Listen! Hear that? Im calling your name! Ill be in a tizzy if you dont come in to meet me, the one and only Miss Izzy!


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