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In shelter Cat

Horseheads, NY, 14845
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby (Tiger Striped)
Coat length:
When you loose someone so very close and very unexpectedly the family isnt the only one that grieves over the loss of there human or humans. These four babies lost their human so unexpectedly and mourning their loss. We are in hopes that maybe we can place two in a home together to help the transition to be easier. There Momma helped so many in the community spay and neuter there kitties both feral and domesticated. Now we are in search of placement for these sweeties. We would love to place all four in one home but we know home space is limited. Adopting maybe two at a time. Might help them transition happly. 

Let us introduce...
Piper, Godiva, Leona, and Greybear. 

Piper is the youngest of the bunch. We think she is approx. 5-7 yrs old. She has been spayed, vaccinated, wormed, and has flea and tick preventative. Piper has a Jekyll and Hyde personality. One minute she wants your affection showing how affectionate she is. While the next she scurries away without second notice. Food motivated and quite the determined player of all things that bounce, spin, light up, and jingle. 

Godiva is the second oldest we think approx 8-10 yrs. She spends alot of her time observing from her comfy spot on her pillow or hideaway cubby. She is quiet as a mouse while keeping vigil of all the young kitten antics in the kitty room. Godiva is spayed, vaccinated, wormed, and has flea preventative. 

Leona could be a sibling to Godiva as they are the same age. They tend to sleep close together or keep vigil on one another. Leona likes to be perched up high while Godiva prefers the floor. Same personality, very observant. Will play with a dangle bouncy toy that chirps only by reaching out with her paws. Dont expect this girl to do much more then that. Very easy going personality. Leona is spayed, vaccinated, wormed, and has flea and tick preventative.

Last but not least is Greybear. Greybear we think has taken his owners passing the worst. We are going to have him medically evaluated to make sure we are not missing anything. Grey has not come out of his condo much. He is loosing his fur maybe due to stress or mourning the loss of his human. He has the most human like features I have ever seen on a kitty. He is pure love and cuddles as he waits for someone to love him. Grey is neutered, vaccinated, wormed, and has flea and tick preventative.

We are unsure of how these guys will adapt to having canine friends. With time to decompress and settle in kitty friends are made easier with time. They have learned to coexist with several other kitties at the shelter. Older respectful children would be best for these four. 

To learn more on Piper, Godiva, Leona, and Greybear please call or email us to aquire a application for adoption. ( 607-739-3945 or ) We are still operating by appointment only with a approved application on file with us.