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In shelter Cat

Lenhartsville, PA, 19534
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby (Buff / Tan / Fawn)
Coat length:
Aida is growing into a lovely young lady with a charming personality.  She also has a remarkable rescue story.  A big stray tomcat (who is now neutered and named Pogo) took her under his care, bringing her food and protecting her.  She was about 4 weeks old and its a dangerous world outside for an orphan kitten.  We have no idea how Pogo found her, but it was Aidas lucky day and her path to being rescued.  She has blossomed in her foster home and is a very loving girl ready for a home of her own.

Aida has equal amounts of energy for play time and lap time.  She is quite the acrobat when shes playing and also loves to prance off with her captured toy.  She loves all kinds of toys from crinkle tunnels, balls, feathers, wand toys and a laser pointer.  She is also fascinated with packing paper and loves to tunnel under it and pounce on any nearby toy or foster kitten.  When shes finally exhausted, Aida loves to curl up on an empty lap.  She also tries to nurse on our arms before falling asleep, so we think she must have been quite young when she was orphaned.

Aida gets along well with other cats and has become very close to one other foster named Aldo.  These two were both single kittens and were so excited when they finally met.  They have continued their closeness and are often found napping together, grooming each other or wrestling.  While its not essential they remain a pair, they do have nicely balanced personalities with Aida being the affectionate velcro kitty and Aldo being the brave, happy to meet anyone but more independent personality.  

Aida is about 5 months old (as of 9/19/22), spayed, up to date with her yearly vaccinations and negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV.

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