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In shelter Cat

Lethbridge, AB, T1H 2J2
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
Kiki and Orla are a bonded pair. We dont use the designation bonded pair without careful consideration. It can take longer for to find a home for two; however, for Kiki and Orla, we feel strongly that keeping them together is in their best interests.


Colour:              DSH Dark Gray

Born:                 Approx. June 23, 2021

Gender:            Spayed Female, microchipped


In the spring of 2021, area residents noticed a matted little cat coming semi-regularly to a kitty food bowl on their deck. It was Kiki and Orlas soon-to-be-mom. Trapping was attempted but the gray girl remained elusive. She then went MIA for several weeks - which is what new moms often do. Sure enough, in early August, four little kittens were seen with her. They came from a large yard with a garden shed across the street. A trapping plan of action was put in place and over the next two nights, the mom and her kittens, including Orla and Kiki, were safely caught. Three weeks later, a fifth kitten rejoined her family.

Within just a few days of being in a foster home, all the kittens were enjoying tummy tickles and cuddles. They made quick and surprising progress. Orla and Kiki were moved to a new foster home in January, 2022, and continue to enjoy life to the fullest. Heres a little update from their foster mom: "The two little ones are happy and well. They enjoy being licked by Channing (their big foster brother) who begrudgingly does it. They love watching the robo vacuum- cleaner at work. Orla is soooo relaxed. Kiki sometimes charges at us to give our legs nudges. (They) still love the purple string toy (they came with). We are thoroughly enjoying having them stay with us." Orla and Kiki are a lovely little pair of cats. We are sure their foster parents can now tell them apart, but just to be safe, they wear different coloured collars and tags.


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