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In shelter Cat

Los Angeles, CA, 90039
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
DOB: 3-17-2022

Squeakers is a slender black cat with wide yellow-green eyes, and a sweet meow that sounds like a squeaky toy, hence her name. She has a large appetite and always wants to be a part of the dinner table.
Squeakers is a big cuddle bug with a love for food that could parallel Garfield himself, and her curious nature will have her always running up at the crinkle of a bag. Shes a very playful kitten, and loves to jump as high as she can into the air chasing after a squeaky mouse or a wand toy. Shes not as big of a fan of getting picked up, but will happily jump up to cuddle whenever she pleases. She is a big fan of wrestling at random times, and you may wake up in the night to her deciding your feet are the perfect opponent.
While she would do alright as an only cat, she would do best in a home with either one of her sisters (Misty and Pumpkin) or a home with another cat her age to run around and play with. She loves attention and snacks alike, so a home with people consistently home and present would be ideal for her, as well a family who has little qualms with a cat sneaking a fry or two.
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