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Lisa Lisa!   

In shelter Cat

Los Angeles, CA, 90039
Pet name:
Lisa Lisa!
Domestic Short Hair
Gray & White
Coat length:
Introducing: Lisa Lisa! Yes, we know she looks like our Kyoko!

This delightful 7-year old came to our rescue a few months ago when her human could no longer care for her. She was fostered by a wonderful human who was able to keep her safe while the rescue got her adoption ready and made space. Moving to the rescue can be difficult as there’s a lot of different cat personalities and it can get busy. After a few weeks of adjusting to her new environment, Lisa Lisa is ready to meet potential adopters. 

We think Lisa Lisa would make a great addition to a home looking for one cat only. While she can peacefully coexist with a cat or dog, we think Lisa Lisa’s time to shine is here. She absolutely loves attention and will shamelessly flirt with you once you’ve spent a little time saying hi. This chatty gal even responds to her name and you can often find someone at the rescue saying, “LISA LISA!”. She’ll respond back to you almost every single time. 

While she’s very loving and affectionate, she’s also lowkey and she enjoys napping throughout the day and of course, treat time. 

Interested in meeting LISA LISA? Email our team to find out more. We are excited to introduce her to potential adopters as she’s such a fun kitty to be around.


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