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x Courtesy Listin: Neru & Princessa   

In shelter Cat

Los Angeles, CA, 90077
Pet name:
x Courtesy Listin: Neru & Princessa
Domestic Short Hair
Gray & White
Coat length:
Get ready to fall in love. Neru and Princessa are about 7 months old and are looking for a loving home and family. The brother and sister are chipped, vaccinated for rabies and FVCRP, treated with revolution flea meds and fixed with tipped ears. They’re treat motivated and will even sit for treats, so they’d be excellent candidates for training to do tricks or walk on harness. Sometimes they sleep cuddled next to each other. Both enjoy sitting on the window perch looking outside. They’ll greet you with gentle meows when you come home.

Neru, the male tabby, is very playful, loves affection and constantly purrs. He gets the zoomies and enjoys a dynamic play session. His favorite toys are small fuzzy balls he can pounce on. He can be a bit shy at first, but he warms up quickly, even quicker when treats are involved. He’ll then become your cuddle buddy who’ll sleep in your lap. He loves to eat and probably hasn’t met a cat food he didn’t like. He’s happiest when he’s around people but is good by himself.

Princessa, the gray and white female, is a beautiful kitten and knows it. She’ll strike a pose basking under the sunlight waiting for you to take her picture or pay her with a compliment. She’s a confident gal who knows what she wants and will tell you. She’ll nudge her head under your hand when she wants pets. She’ll gently place her paw on your hand when she wants more treats. She’s friendly and slightly more independent than her brother Neru. Her favorite toy is not the toy attached to a string but the string itself. When she eats her wet food, she licks up all the gravy before she eats the rest of it. Kitty broth is most definitely he favorite treat. She recently developed an infection from being left outdoors but she’s received treatment for it and doing much better.

Unsure if they’re bonded. When Princessa had to be separated from Neru, neither cat seemed to be in distress. Yet, they don’t mind eating and drinking from the same bowls and use the same litter box. Ideally these kittens would be adopted together. However if this isn’t possible to adopt both cats, Neru would do well in a home with another friendly and playful cat. Princessa would do fine as a solo cat but I’m sure she’d appreciate having the company of another calm cat.

If you are interested in having these awesome, easy going kittens a new addition to your family, please email or text 323-821-2786. A small adoption fee of $50 for one cat or $75 for both will be asked. The adoption fee will be directly donated to the great organization Better Together Forever, who paid for Princessa’s take home antibiotics.