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In shelter Cat

Lovingston, VA, 22922
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Love me, Love my soulmate Beth!UPDATE: FEB 26, 2021
Lynx came to our shelter in 2011 as a 6 week old kitten. Her overdeveloped sense of caution has caused her to be overlooked by adopters for the past 10 years. Her best friend is another tabby cat named Beth. Lynx and Beth spend hours snuggled up together while they watch birds at the bird feeder. Lynx had all of her teeth pulled in 2016 due to dental disease. Since then her health has been pretty good. Lynx doesnt ask for much. A quiet adult home where she can hang out unobtrusively (and maybe have a little bite of your chicken sandwich at lunchtime) is all she needs. Oh.., and she wants to be adopted with her best friend, Beth.
UPDATED: JUNE 15, 2017
LYNX is a hard nut to crack. She and her sister were both abandoned in the Nelson County Courthouse parking lot at around 6-7 weeks of age. Her sister got adopted quickly, but Lynx is a cat of a different stripe. Trust seems to be a challenge for her at this point, and thus, putting her best paw forward when an adopter comes to visit, is not easy for her.
If you are patient with her, she does enjoy petting but she can scare easily. Let her come to you for a head rub and you are on the way to making friends. Although reserved with humans, she enjoys the company of other cats which help to give her courage.
Lynx is a sensitive child and could use a calm foster home to help her come out of her shell some more or even better a big hearted forever home willing to accept her and grow with her. She is very bonded to Beth and it is our hope they will be adopted together. Watching them cuddle will remind you what a friend can mean to you.
DOB: Approximately 4/27/2011.


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