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In shelter Cat

Manhattan, NY, 10009
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Orange & White
PEARL - Will be 8 Weeks (as of 10/1/22), Female, Orange and White and Black, DSH

WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION 10/1/22 (at 8 weeks of age) (They are currently 6 weeks old as of 9/18/22 and still growing strong in thier foster home) 

If interested in adopting please read everything written below and submit an adoption application ( if this kitten seems like a good fit for your family. 

Home Recommendation: Please welcome our Nautical Kittens: thier foster mom was binging too much Below Deck when they fell into her lap and took over her life. We got these babies at 3 weeks old when they were tiny little bottle babies : they have been hand raised since then, The first thing to know about Kittens is that they must either go into a home as a pair or they must go to a home with another social adult cat. We do not adopt out single kittens. Kittens that are in homes with another kitten or a social adult cat develop into confident good friendly adult cats. Its important to realize that dogs get to socialize outside of their homes but cats do not so we are strong advocates of not adopting out single kittens: its better for the animal and for the owner (happier cats = happier humans). They need homes that are ready for kitten gymnastics so get those cat trees and crinkle balls ready and make sure youve tidied up your home. Kittens and cats are remarkable companions especially for those who want companionship but arent ready for the commitment of a dog (or dont want the commitment of a dog: we get it). No long walks, professional training or potty training needed here :) Kittens are a lot of fun and can go to homes with dogs and respectful children aged 8 and up (want to make sure children are gentle as kittens are tiny). 

Her Foster Mom Says: Little pearl is a gem. To start off: her markings are some of the most unique Ive ever seen. Shes just stunning. Pearl is sweetie. She wants to just be a part of the gang. She likes to follow her siblings around: and jump into what ever they are up to. When ever its time to snuggle and nap: you can always find her in a cuddle puddle. Her play style is very sweet and lady like. Its hard to not fall for this little pearl. 

House Trained: Kittens are litter trained very early in their life. By 8 weeks old they are fully potty trained (to be honest even earlier: smarties). But accidents can happen in the first week as they adjust to a new home and figure out the location of thier litter box. 

Separation Anxiety: Kittens/cats are very independent and owners dont have to worry about separation anxiety. They can stay home alone while you have long days. For kittens please note that they shouldnt be left home alone all day every day: they need to be fed 3 times a day and should have some company so that they continue to develop into good adult cats :) 

Cuddle Factor: High -kittens love to cuddle. 

Mouthiness/Claws: Kittens do go through teething so you can expect the odd love bite here and there. This is one of the reasons why we adopt out kittens in pairs: if they have someone to play and wrestle with they are way less likely to do this to thier human. Kittens also have to master the use of their claws: its a new skill to learn. Its important to have scratching poles and mats and things for them to climb. Claws were given to cats for a purpose and they need to exercise them. Our cats/kittens must NOT be declawed: this is part of our adoption contract. 

Good With Dogs: Yes! Fun fact kittens are great with dogs. Dogs must be cat safe and gentle but kittens love dogs. These babies are currently in a foster home with two dogs. 

Good With Cats: Yes! Kittens are good with adult cats and other kittens. Adult cat should be friendly and should have spent time with another cat prior to bringing home a kitten. 

Good With Kids: Okay for a home with kind and respectful kids 8 and up. Adopters should be aware of the teething stage and that kittens are mastering thier claws. Kids need to be gentle as kittens are tiny and can easily be hurt. 

Medical Status: Has started the FVRCP series. FELV/FIV tested. Will be spayed and neutered once they have hit 3lbs: we work with the adopters to set up the spay/neuter appointment with our vet: its part of the adoption fee. Will be microchipped at the time of spay/neuter. Adopter is responsible for finishing out the FVRCP series: must be vaccinated every 21 to 30 days until 16 weeks of age. Adopter will also need to do the Rabies vaccine at 16 weeks of age. 

How They Ended Up With Social Tees: These babies were found in queens (litter of 6) with thier mom who had passed away. They were found at 3 weeks old: and had to be bottle fed every 3 hours around the clock. Were so happy that they have made it and are growing into strong amazing little kittens. 

PLEASE NOTE: This animal is not at the Social Tees office all of our dogs and cats are in foster homes while they wait to find their forever families. :) If youd like to apply to adopt this pet, please complete an adoption application at Because we are a small team and receive hundreds of applications each week, we are unable to respond to every application and every inquiry email, but we do our best. Please have patience! If your application is approved, you will for sure hear from us. If you have questions, please take a look at the Adoption and Fostering FAQs etc. on our website as all common questions are answered there. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we work to save these innocent lives!! 

LEARN MORE ABOUT US:; Instagram via @socialteesnyc;


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