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In shelter Cat

McKinney, TX, 75069
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Black & White / Tuxedo
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.North Texas Cat Rescue P.O Box 1504 McKinney, TX 75070 214.454.9395
FOSTER MOM WHERE ARE MY TREATS ??? Is the daily refrain from this beautiful girl. She may not be a youngster anymore but she is full of life and really loves chasing the red dot from the laser pen. Spring toys and a sunny window view with an option to snuggle under the bed covers when its cool round out Desirees needs purrfectly. A low cat tree perch to sit on and request petting (preferably with treats) would be high on the list of a desirable permanent home for this girl.

If you are seeking a sweetheart who would be happy to greet you vocally when you get home but not be bored while you are out please consider this girl. She figures out how to navigate the house and other residents in a short period of time and is not at all demanding.Please contact NTCR AT 214.454.9395 should you have any concerns or questions.

Please note: We appreciate all interest in our cats and kittens, but we are an all volunteer organization. Please be patient with regard to a call back. Should you need to surrender the cat you adopted from NTCR, please email us at


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