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Oscarita Roofcat   

In shelter Cat

Mesa, AZ, 85202
Pet name:
Oscarita Roofcat
Domestic Short Hair
Gray & White
Approximate Date of Birth: 03/28/2022

Oscarita tested positive for
therefore would need to be in a home with other FeLV kitties (or adopt one of the other FeLV kitties in the rescue).


Oscarita is the runt of her litter - the sweetest little thing! She loves to sit on your lap and receive gentle full body pets while she buries her face in your hand or elbow (in fact, shes been known to make biscuits and drool during cuddles.) That said, she goes harder than all her siblings when chasing the laser pointer! With a little bit of play, she spends most of her time lazing and prefers a gentle human companion.

Words to describe me: Sweet, cautious, mellow

Favorite place to sleep: anywhere!

Favorite toy: THE LASER POINTER - make sure you point it on the wall so I can leap for it!

Ideal day: lots of snuggles, independent time, and a bit of chasing toys

Likes: the laser pointer, gentle cuddles and lap sitting

Dislikes: play rough or be moved around too quickly

Fastest way to get me to purr: is to cover my face and give me gentle pets

Ideal home: Quiet, slow-paced, very routine home. I think she would prefer NO kids or dogs

Nickname in foster: The Little Princess

What I want to be when I grow up: your house cat!

Good with Cats: Unknown but optimistic.

Good with Dogs: Ambivalent towards dogs.

Good with Children: Unknown but optimistic.

Companion Animal: Required if home alone for long periods of time.

Health information: All cats and kittens will be spayed or neutered, FeLV / FIV tested (as indicated by age), receive vaccinations appropriate for age, preventative deworming, and microchipping prior to adoption as appropriate by age.

Oscarita tested positive for


therefore would need to be in a home with other FeLV kitties (or adopt one of the other FeLV kitties in the rescue).

Adoption Process:
Our adoptable animals are located at one of our adoption centers or in foster homes. We require interested parties to apply prior to meeting to ensure a good match. Applications can be submitted on our website at

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