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In shelter Cat

New Richmond, WI, 54017
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
To meet Emerald, please visit our website to review our adoption process and requirements and to schedule an on-site appointment.

Say "hello" to Emerald - isnt she beautiful!  This loving lady is so sweet and if we may say so, has been dealt a rather crappy hand in life.  Emerald was surrendered by her owner and sadly, turned out to be diabetic - thats two hits that we do not wish upon any of our furry friends.  The good news is, however, Emerald is truly a fabulous cat with so much love to give and we know her purrfect someone is out there, we just need to be patient until that person walks through our doors.

If youd like to consider adopting Emerald, we can talk through her needs as a diabetic and what it means for you and for her.  We can tell you that she needs insulin twice daily so this means that she cannot be left alone without care for any length of time - please understand that.  This means that if you cannot be home to administer her meds that you need to line up someone who can come in and do it for you.  We do not say this to dissuade you from considering her, we just need to make it very clear that she is a special needs cat and needs a dedicated owner.  Emerald really is a fabulous cat and is a great companion - loves to be by people and soaks up attention like a sponge!  If you think you could do right by her, wed love for you to meet her.  Think it over and then come on in - shell be at the door to greet you!

Emeralds DOB is approx. 4/10/2016.

(P.S. - Emeralds current dosage of insulin is 1.5 units in the a.m., and 1 unit in the p.m.)