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In shelter Cat

Norfolk, VA, 23518
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
The Torti-Cali Girls

Tortoiseshell is a specific cat coat color combination with patches of black, brown, red, cinnamon, and tan. They lack WHITE in their coat, while Calicos often have large patches of white. As with Calicos, Tortoiseshell cats, or “Torties” are almost always female and are also known for their distinct temperament, often referred to lovingly as “tortitude.” As the name implies, tortitude is an attitude or sassiness that is distinct to Torties. They tend to be a little on the feisty side, often exhibited as protectiveness of their people and minimal patience. Torties exhibit lifelong loyalty to their humans.

Prue: Most confident of the siblings. She has silky smooth medium length hair. She loves attention and will easily start her purr motor for you. Shes an adorably unique biscuit-maker, and she prefers fuzzy blankets and bedding. She is a determined little girl when it comes to feather toys and lasers. And she gives the best kitty kisses! 

Paige: One of the more quiet siblings but with an adorably kissable split-face of orange and black. Once she realizes your only purpose in life is to love on her, she will happily roll on her side to accept any and all loving, and --surprisingly-- even belly rubs. She likes to play with your hands but is a gentle lady about it. Food is definitely a motivator for her.  

Piper: Beautifully colored Calico with white belly and socks. She looks like curiosity got the best of her and dipped her muzzle into some black paint. She loves feather toys and lasers. While not a big fan of getting picked up, she warms up with time and patience. 

Phoebe: Shyest of the siblings. She is a Tortoiseshell except for a cute little white tip on her tail. At first, she likes to hide, but curiosity brings out her brave side, and she will come out to see what everyone is doing (especially when its dinner time). She will happily play with her sisters or try to follow and cuddle up with an older cat. 

Penny: Tortoiseshell. First to be Adopted.


(1) Preference is given to adopters for kittens in pairs. Having a pal will help your kitten settle into their new home. Just like humans, kittens have an easier time feeling comfortable trying something new if theyve got a friend to do it with them. This, in turn, makes them better companions, which results in you being happier humans. Especially if there is already an older cat in the household, your "set in their ways" senior kitty may consider a lone kitten to be a pesky, frolicking “intruder” that is infringing on their domain. It can be extremely stressful for your older cat when their established routine is disrupted.
(2) WE TYPICALLY RECEIVE MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS FOR THE SAME KITTENS. Please be patient with our small, all-volunteer staff as we sort through the many requests. Thank you!

All our adoptable cats and kittens are:
— spayed / neutered
— vaccinated (rabies & FVRCP)
— microchipped, if they get lost (and found), they can easily be scanned and reunited with you!
— tested for FIV & FeLV diseases
— parasite-free (dewormer & flea prevention)
— provided additional veterinarian visits, if needed for any health issues
— conveyed to you with all medical records at time of adoption

a. Complete and submit the online form at
b. Schedule a call with our Adoption Coordinator to review your application/questionnaire for approval and answer any questions about the process
2. MEET-N-GREET: Well set up a time for you to get to know each other whether at their foster home and/or Norfolks Catnip Cat Cafe
3. CONTRACT: If you & your cat (s) are a good match, then the adoption proceeds. Contract is completed, signed, fee is paid, and your new furry friend(s) can go home with you!

Feral Affairs Network (FAN) is a 501c3 nonprofit group focused on caring for community cats. 100% of adoption fees and donations go to saving cats and kittens from lives of despair.

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IG: feralaffairs



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