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In shelter Cat

Norfolk, VA, 23518
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
I May Never Be A Lap Cat...
and that will have to do.

I’m quite aloof and lovely, but I’ll beautify your space! 
I want to be your kitty; just don’t hold me tight.
If you try to kiss me, I might put up a fight.
I won’t be good with children; they scare me just a bit.
I’m an independent feline, but I need your love and care. 
I will keep you company on long and winter days.
I’ll sit and watch you as you work - I might decide to play.
I may let you come closer, once you earn my trust.
I’ll definitely eat your food, and good treats are a must!
Won’t you take me home with you and give me lots of space? 
You can worship and adore me, and I will love you too.

P.S. Adopt me & my BFF Amanda, the stunning dilute calico!

Sophie, our unique one-eyed calico cat, had a litter of kittens in tow when she came to us in the hot summer. She was an excellent mom who saw all of her babies adopted... and now deserves a forever home of her own.  

She is easy-going, good-natured, and gets along great with her other feline friends and often snuggles with Amanda (see her profile and consider adopting the pair for a purrfect feline family!). 

Sophie is very timid and shy, so we approach her quietly. Because she has only one eye, she can be easily startled. Once she gets used to you, she enjoys being petted. In a quiet, consistent environment (where she feels safe), Sophie has the potential to become a lap-cat*. She already likes to be near people and other kitties, so its likely that shell continue to grow more social as time progresses and as her new family gains her trust. 

Have you fallen in love with our purring, one-eyed Sophie? Maybe youre wondering whether youll need to provide special care if you bring this fluffy feline friend home. Luckily, a cat with one healthy eye generally can adapt well and has few special care needs.

Cats normally have better depth perception than people, but because Sophie has lost the use of one eye, she has no depth perception. She cant judge distances or heights very well. She will be able to see well in front of her but less so to the side of the blind eye. Other than that, the reality is that Sophie will function perfectly normally as cats actually rely on sense and hearing more than eyesight!

All our adoptable cats and kittens are:
— spayed / neutered
— vaccinated (rabies & FVRCP)
— tested for FIV & FeLV diseases
— parasite-free (dewormer & flea prevention)
— provided additional veterinarian visits, if needed for any health issues
— conveyed to you with all medical records at time of adoption

a. Complete and submit the online form at
b. Schedule a call with our Adoption Coordinator to review your application/questionnaire for approval and answer any questions about the process
2. MEET-N-GREET: Well set up a time for you to get to know each other whether at their foster home and/or Norfolks Catnip Cat Cafe
3. CONTRACT: If you & your cat (s) are a good match, then the adoption proceeds. Contract is completed, signed, fee is paid, and your new furry friend(s) can go home with you!

Feral Affairs Network (FAN) is a 501c3 nonprofit group focused on caring for community cats. 100% of adoption fees and donations go to saving cats and kittens from lives of despair.

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