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In shelter Cat

Normal, IL, 61761
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Hi, Im Amelia! I am a 2-year-old Domestic Shorthair cat with a black coat. My brother Charles and I really love each other and need to be adopted together. We both spent some of our lives outdoors, but are enjoying the good life now and plan to be indoor cats for the rest of our lives. We both can be a little bit shy when we first meet new people. Charles is the more outgoing one of the two of us while I am more reserved. I really like to take my time getting to know and trust people. With some time, I will come out of my shell and will be the most gentle and loving girl to the people that I love. We are sweet kitties who deserve a family who will love us as much as we will love them. Oh and one more thing: we both have FIV which stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. FIV is a condition that weakens a cats immune system. Most of us have heard of FIV, however, myths about the disease abound and are easily mistaken for reality.

Let us break down some of the myths and rumors about FIV.... 

Myth: My other cats will get FIV from eating out of the same bowls or sleeping with a FIV+ cat. 

Truth: FIV is only transmitted through blood transfusions, serious penetrating bite wounds, or intercourse (but of course all PCH cats are fixed!). Other cats cannot get FIV through casual contact with any other FIV+ cat.

Myth: Cats with FIV do not live long and require special care. 

Truth: Many FIV+ cats live long, healthy lives. They can live their entire lives without ever coming down with any symptoms of FIV. If they are not exposed to any other virus or bacteria that their weakened immune system cannot handle, they can live healthy, normal lives. For this reason, cats with FIV should be kept indoors, be fed a balanced, nutritionally complete diet (no raw meats), and should see a vet twice per year. 

Myth: My dogs or children are at risk of contracting FIV. 

Truth: FIV is a species-specific disease. It cannot be transmitted to humans or any other animal. Your dog, horse, iguana, or gerbil cannot contract FIV. 

Cats with FIV must live indoors and can happily live with other indoor, non-aggressive cats. They need to be protected from bacteria and viruses in the outdoor environment that could hurt them due to their weakened immune systems. (Regular vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and treatment for fleas, mites and worms are important for FIV+ cats). 

All FIV Kitties need a little TLC in a forever home. Just take one look at their sweet faces, meet them, and hear their gentle purrs, and youll soon realize that you will get back ten times the love you give! 

Amelias adoption fee is a suggested donation of $10. She and her brother Charles are a bonded pair and need to be adopted together. She is available now.

All Pet Central animals are up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations, spayed or neutered, microchipped (registration included), and current on parasite prevention. Dogs over six-months of age are heartworm tested. When adopting, we will ensure that you receive copies of veterinary and microchip records. 

If you are interested in this pet, please fill out the brief Adopter Survey by hitting "Apply for Adoption" on the profile.

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After a match is made, clients will be asked to sign our adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee online through our secure payment system *Please see our modified no-risk return policy. (below)
The PCH adoption counselor will then set up a specific appointment time and location.
Adopters should bring a pet carrier and leash to pick up. Adult pets will be wearing a collar. It is important that clients arrive on time, neither early nor late.

If your adoption is scheduled at Pet Central Helps!:

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Park in the parking lot and enter the facility. A PCH representative will greet you and show you to the adoption room. Your new pet will be handed to you. We will take a "Happy Adoption Day photo with your pet and family.

If your adoption is scheduled at PetSmart:

Park in the PetSmart Parking lot and enter the store. We will be set up just inside the store entrance. Let us know you are here to pick up your pet! A PCH representative will confirm your information and hand you your pet. We will take a "Happy Adoption Day photo with your pet and family.

PCH supports a 21-day no-fault return policy in which adopters are given the opportunity to find a better match. If we are not able to provide advice/tools to keep a pet in the home we offer these options:

Exchange for a pet that may be a better match**
Receive a refund minus a $40 processing fee**

With this approach, we can often turn mismatches into opportunities!

Thank you,
Pet Central Helps!


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