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In shelter Cat

Palatine, IL, 60078
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
****STEP RIGHT UP**** Come one, come all, and meet the sweet and playful miss Sorcha!

This little girl can jump so high you wont believe your eyes! Next thing you know she will be winning world records. You better take a seat because the show is about to begin! In addition to that, she is always fashionable with her little sock on her back paw. We are certain she is going to be a star!

Sorcha is a very playful, active, and sweet girl. She loves to play with any toy or any companion. I dont think it gets much better than that! She is also a very good climber, so make sure you give her some creative ways to show you her abilities. If you dont, you will be missing out on all the entertainment. She takes her job as performer very seriously!

This little girl would thrive in a home with another young and playful cat companion (and would love if it were one of her sisters; Shield, Dervala, or Tabitha). She will be sure to be kind enough to lend you some of her famous snuggles when she isnt too busy being an amazing gymnastic, so dont worry! We think that she is the best companion for any family. 

Although Sorcha has not had much exposure to dogs or kids, she is very adaptable and has the potential to do with proper introductions. She is phenomenal with other kittens or adult cats though. We should let you know that that she does dislike when the weather man says its going to be a sunny day but then it ends up raining. Give her those warm rays!

If you are interested in meeting Sorcha, please apply at the link below. You wont be disappointed in having this little girl be a part of your family!

Apply at online application ( 

Did you know that two cats are actually easier than one?? AND FFF offers a discount for adopting two cats at once!

Seven Ways That Kitten Friendships are Beneficial by Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw

\tLearn by Observation - Kittens learn by observation and will more quickly pick up skills like using the litter box or grooming if they have another kitten or cat to teach them.
\tFocus Play Aggression - Having a friend means they can take out their play aggression on one another (instead of on you.) Theyll also teach each other good boundaries about biting and scratching.
\tEntertain & Enrich - When your kitten has a buddy, theyll always be entertained, active, and enriched. And a happy cat makes a happy home!
\tKeep Out of Trouble - One mischievous kitten can be destructive if left alone, but two kittens tend to keep each other occupied and out of trouble.
\tEasier Intro to Adult Cat - If you have an adult cat at home, two new kittens may be easier to introduce into your family than one. While one kitten may nag an older cat, two kittens will keep each other company while the older cat watches from a distance.
\tComfort in Friendship - Having a pal will help your kitten settle into a new home. Just like humans, kittens have an easier time feeling comfortable trying something new if theyve got a friend to do it with them.

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