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In shelter Cat

Pittsboro, NC, 27312
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Sophie is THE purr-fect cat. Tidy, calm, well-behaved, friendly except with other cats. Shell tolerate them if she must, but prefers to avoid them. Low maintenance, sweet girl."You know how some females feel a need to stretch the truth when it comes to their age? Im here to tell you Im not five years old! I dont know who got that idea or how, but theres a good chance Im only 3. I like to play (a LOT), second only to lap time and lots of pets. Im shy around strangers, but if they hang around long enough, Ill eventually warm up. Even then, Im particular about with whom I share my affections. For having lived on the streets, one would think my standards wouldnt be so high; I have no explanation for my exceptionally good taste! Im also picky about my feline companions; Ill eventually adjust if I must, but dont expect me to come in loving them! Im grateful every day to be in a home (air conditioning is a must!) with good food and great places to nap. Trouble is that my foster mom and dad are on the go a lot and Id like more lap time!"

Sophie is getting accustomed to many cats and even a small, sweet doggo. Shes low maintenance (as long as she gets her lap time) and is ready for her forever home. Please call 919-935-3792 for more info. Her adoption fee is $100.


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