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In shelter Cat

Port Angeles, WA, 98363
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Name:  Tessa

Age:  3 years

Breed:  Domestic short hair

Reason for being at shelter:  Owner surrender - return

Description:  Update:  Tessa is a confident, brave, and friendly kitty who likes her share of visitors.  Bring treats and your undivided attention and shes happy.  She may roam around the room a bit but doesnt stray far from your loving touch.  Tessa is not needy, but she also doesnt like being neglected.  Its a balance she manages well.  Tessa is a beautiful all-black kitty with a lush coat.

Love bites are not Tessa’s only specialty.  She’s also a great lap cat.  She will lean her head in for rubs then knead her paws on your legs with claws engaged.  Nail trimming or a blanket barrier might be advised during this shared love event.  She just can’t seem to help showing her love and appreciation.  She also likes being brushed.  When not in love mode, Tessa can be a bit aloof and independent, so we’d consider her a less needy cat.  You can give her as much or as little time that you want, and it seems to work for her.  Her demeanor is generally mellow and calm.  Laps are great but she doesn’t like to be held or picked up.  Allow her to come to you of her timing.  Tessa is playful with stuffed mice and bottle caps, say her previous owners.  So, when lap time is done and she’s not napping or being aloof, then it’s a great to engage her in play.  Tessa doesn’t like other animals and displays bad behavior if placed in a home with other pets.  Its best that Tessa be the only pet.  This black beauty wants all the attention for herself and to be the cat queen of the house.  Tessa would be fine with teen-age kids.

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