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In shelter Cat

Providence, RI, 02903
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
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Oh the unfortunate luck of getting a positive leukemia test result.  We thought this couldn’t be true. So we waited two weeks and retested.  July 29 another positive result. The vet has told us to wait six months and retest again we could get a negative result at that time.   These kittens live with no worry. They play they ramble they meow they jump they climb they watch the birds and lizards outside the window.   They have no idea what leukemia is.  They are showing no signs whatsoever and we hope that they will shed the virus by the time they are six months old. We hope for a retest result of negative.   

A positive FeLV test in a cat is not necessarily a diagnosis. Many times, further testing is needed. An FeLV-positive test does not require euthanasia unless the cat is already ill and suffering beyond treatment. 

Here is some info on FELV

Leukemia is not the end of the world.   Adoption day for Breeze will be the beginning of her life and that may be long or short but it will be a life well lived.   

Save a life.  Change a soul. Maybe your own. 

Drizz is a sweet female with more white than black.   SHe gets along well with her littermates and is affectionate and calm.  Drizz likes playtime.  She’s super pretty. 


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Thank you! This is the Dog! does not have a shelter. Our dogs and cats are in foster homes primarily in Homestead, FL. We are a small group of volunteers making a difference in the lives of people and the dogs/cats that we help. 


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