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In shelter Cat

San Diego, CA, 92171
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
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Meet Penelope!

Special notes :

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus positive - FIV (+)

Penelope is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) positive, but dont let that stop you from considering this sweet, petite gal with mesmerizing copper colored eyes! Cats with FIV appear and act like normal cats. They just have a more sensitive immune system if exposed to other cats who are sick. FIV is primarily transmitted through severe bite wounds from an infected cat and non-aggressive contact such as sharing water bowls or mutual grooming does not spread the virus. Penelope can live with other cats in households with stable, social structures where the cats do not fight and thus are at little risk of getting FIV; FIV cannot be transmitted to humans or dogs.

Penelope is residing in a foster home as an only cat, but her foster feels that she could get along with dogs with a proper, slow introduction She is not shy and enjoys meeting new people in her foster home. She likes to follow her foster dad around and race him into whatever room he is walking into and is very energetic. Her favorite toy is, of course, the laser pointer! Penelope also enjoys doing zoomies and finding new nooks to climb into and explore. When its bedtime, she likes to snuggle up against you or your legs. She loves head and chin scritches, but can get mouthy and give you loves bites (not hard ones, though) when you pet her. She is a cat that does not liked to be picked up and thi She is a tomboy and tends to be rather sassy and doesnt enjoy being picked up. She is sweet, though, but its important to understand her body language as she sometimes ramps up her sassiness.
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