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In shelter Cat

San Diego, CA, 92193
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Eleven: silver & gray tabby w/white, short hair, spayed female, born approx. 4/23/22, #17715
Dusty: gray & silver tabby w/white, medium hair, neutered male, born approx. 4/23/22, #17717
Steve: gray & silver tabby w/white, short hair, neutered male, born approx. 4/23/22 #17718

Cats: like--feline friends suggested! 
Dogs: fine following a slow introduction
Children: respectful kids of all ages

These lucky kittens met kind humans who enrolled them in our Rescue House foster academy. There, the trio thrived and turned into rambunctious youngsters. Having learned all the ways of being amazing house kitties, they are now ready for the next exciting quest... finding their forever homes! 

Named after characters from the hit television series "Stranger Things," these fluffy heroes are on a mission to track down their special families! 
 ---Eleven is the perfect companion when youre working at your desk or catching up on your shows. For fun, she enjoys batting around her toys and tinkering with strings. (Its a good idea to hide your headphones when shes around!) For Eleven, having plenty of soft blankets around for kneading is an absolute must. As the quiet one of the group, she prefers to communicate her affection telepathically by giving you lots of snuggles. 
 ---Dusty is a fan favorite with his sweet personality! You often can find him frolicking with his siblings or dashing around the room with his toys. Passionate about his wet food, hes a cheerful diner. Dusty is quite the chatty kitty. While we cant be exactly sure of what he is saying, we imagine he is sharing a juicy story of his latest escapade.
 ---Steve has it all! Playful, outgoing, and with fabulous hair-it is no wonder he is dubbed Mr. Popular. He loves attention and is happy to be your cuddle buddy. Hes always on the hunt for the softest blankets to cozy up with. When hes not on the playground or hanging with his BFF (his foster moms dog), he likes to lounge right on top of you! 

Able to mingle with them all, these darlings would do well with other felines, and as kittens are active creatures, they each would be happiest in a forever home with a kitty pal. Should you decide not to heed our advice and take one home solo, be prepared to become his/her full-time playmate and spend lots of time keeping him/her entertained! After proper and slow introductions, they should be just fine with canines and children. 

Like their namesakes, Eleven, Dusty, and Steve are looking for someone to share in their adventures. Could it be you?

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