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In shelter Cat

San Jose, CA, 95112
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Affectionate Precious is ready for her forever home! Once she gets to know you, Precious appreciates having the choice to follow you room to room, sit next to you, or make biscuits on your lap. She loves being brushed and petted, eagerly accepts belly rubs, and she often chats with people, especially around mealtimes. Shell tap you very gently on the elbow if shed like some head scratches. Content to curl up with you for most of the day if you work from home, she also loves making cameos on Zoom calls. She gets the zoomies for a few minutes in the evening and will have some fun chasing a wand toy. Precious prefers not to be held for long periods or restrained (aka hugged). Shes very affectionate and will give you all the love you will ever need if you allow her to do so on her own terms. Youll never feel lonely again with Precious by your side!

Precious has a condition called stomatitis, which is an auto-immune condition that causes chronic mouth and gum inflammation in cats. Despite the best medical care possible, our vets tell us that Precious is not cured.

We want her to live out her life surrounded by love, for however long that might be. We will help her adopter to learn the signs that indicate shes uncomfortable.

This cat is in a foster home. Please fill out our online adoption application if interested in giving this sweet cat a home.