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In shelter Cat

Seattle, WA, 98119
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
**IMPORTANT** This cat is in a foster home and the email address in the instructions below is different.


If youre looking for a sweet, mellow kitty that spends the evenings cuddled up in bed with you, Pixie is your perfect companion. Pixie is a sweet older lady who likes a low-key lifestyle full of pets and quality time. She may take a little bit to warm up to you, but once youve won her over, shell be your little shadow. Pixie loves to lay on your lap or chest, and will gladly sleep right next to you every night. Once she trusts you, she will often give you nose boops or gentle licks on the tip of your nose. Pixie absolutely loves chin and head scratches, and will melt into some soft nose rubs. She isnt the most vocal gal, but every now and then youll get a might yowl, just to remind you that shes there. She hasnt shown much interest in toys, and is more interested in finding a warm spot in the sun to nap in. Pixie also has perfect litter box habits.

Being an older kitty comes with a couple of special needs. Pixie has advanced kidney disease and a heart murmur. To help her out, she is on medication taken twice daily. No problem though - if you wrap the pill in a pill pocket or Churu treat she will eat it right out of your hand without a fuss. Pixie should also be kept on a primarily wet diet, and would benefit from a prescription diet (if she will eat it). She should also have access to plenty of fresh water. Pixie loves running water, and a water fountain will help keep her extra hydrated. Pixie is a little wobbly on her feet and may need some help with access to the bed or couch. She is able to use stairs leading up to the bed, and is extremely grateful for the helping hand. If youre looking for a gentle soul that is easy to please, Pixie is your girl.

To begin the adoption process for this cat, follow these instructions (only for cats in foster homes):

1. Copy and paste the link below into a new tab on your browser for a list of fillable adoption surveys:

2. Download and complete the cat survey.

3. Save the survey to your device with a new file name that includes your last name. Make sure its filled in when opened again!

4. Please - put the name of the cat (or cats, for a pair) in the Subject Line of a new email. Attach your survey, add any additional information you would like us to know, and send to

 **Please note that some animals, especially young ones, will receive multiple adoption surveys shortly after being posted - sometimes many more than we can process. We appreciate your understanding and patience**

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Seattle Animal Shelter

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