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Daisy May   

In shelter Cat

Shippensburg, PA, 17257
Pet name:
Daisy May
Domestic Short Hair
I was born in a barn around June 2022. In my Foster Mommys home I played with all kinds of fun toys like balls, puff balls, bell balls, wand toys, the laser light, kickers, and stuffed animals, different types of
fun cat toys, and climbed and chilled on cat trees. I also had fun playing with my Foster Mommys big cats and her other foster kittens. I would play chase with them and wrestle.

I loved to cuddle with my Foster Mommy oldest furry daughter. She would mother me. I also loved to cuddle on my Foster Mommys lap. I would fall asleep purring in it. I really enjoy head and chin massages and my belly being
rubbed. My Lamb Chops is my favorite stuffed animal that I cuddle with when I nap. I have had her since my first day at my foster home.

I would be a wonderful kitty for you and your family. I would need to be gently introduced to a dog as I have never been around one I really, really hope
someone will give me a warm and loving home. I promise I will be the best kitty.

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