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Snuggles and Beautiful   

In shelter Cat

Skokie, IL, 60077
Pet name:
Snuggles and Beautiful
Domestic Short Hair
Snuggles and Beautiful
Snuggles: Domestic Shorthair, born March 2022, Brown tabby, Neutered Male
Beautiful: Black Sphinx Mix, born March 2022, Neutered Male
Even though we dont look alike, we are siblings. Our parents are cats in a Community Cat Colony. We were taken into foster care (with our 2 siblings) when we were about 8 weeks old. Weve come a long way since then.
Snuggles - Im a sweet, sweet kitten who likes to lay next to my foster mom and get lots of pets. I may also crawl into her lap for a snooze. I love chasing and wrestling with my siblings, especially Beautiful. I enjoy playtime with wand toys, laser pointers and plastic spring toys which I like to carry around the room in my mouth. Im told Im highly food motivated, and like to eat both wet and dry food. Not to brag but my litter box habits are very good.
Beautiful - OK so Im a little unusual looking, but Beautiful in my own way. My coat feels like a peach. I have blossomed into a lap kitten and love to be petted by my foster mom. Me and Snuggles have a special close bond. I enjoy playing with the wand toy and laser pointer. I also like wrestling with and chasing my siblings up and down the cat climber. Im also told I am highly food motivated and my litter box habits are great.

Please come meet us ASAP!

Snuggles and Beautiful are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

Adoption Information: Children: Older, Cat Experience Cats: Unknown Dogs: No Adoption Fee: $200 for the pair They are microchipped, spayed, and have had a full veterinary checkup and vaccines.
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