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Mama Bear   

In shelter Cat

St. Johnsbury, VT, 05819
Pet name:
Mama Bear
Domestic Short Hair
Mama Bear and Katsura are 1-year-old sisters who like each other very much and are looking for their forever home together. These pretty young girls were abandoned in a house in the middle of winter and had to fend for themselves for at least two months, along with a number of other cat siblings, until they were rescued. Although they have lived with people when they were kittens, they became shy after they were abandoned. But at the Shelter they have made nice progress. Mama Bear is a calm and thoughtful young cat. She is shyer than Katsura and likes to observe a person for a while before coming closer. She loves to lie near you on a cat tree or on a shelf while one is quietly working on a computer and she responds with friendly slow-blinks when one speaks to her sweetly. She just needs some time and a patient gentle hand. Katsura is a vivacious, friendly kitty. She loves to play and will roll around blissfully when one pays attention to her. She will eat treats out of ones hand and accepts being petted when she eats. She is still learning to trust but it wont take long, especially in a new home.Katsura and Mama Bear both like other cats and they are sweet with each other. Although Katsura gets the majority of treats, Mama Bear never resents her and seems to be pleased that her sister is so successful and outgoing. Katsuras friendliness helps Mama Bear to come out of her shell. Please note that Kingdom Animal Shelter is not a same day adoption shelter. Please visit our website at to learn about our adoption process.


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