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Santa Fe (and Porcini)   

In shelter Cat

Tulsa, OK, 74147
Pet name:
Santa Fe (and Porcini)
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Looking for a dignified feline couple to add a bit of class to your household? Look no further than Porcini and Santa Fe! This stylish couple will grace your family with their charming presence and regal aires. But don’t let these formal-looking felines fool you! They are anything but dull!

Though Porcini looks every bit “the distinguished gentleman,” he is a wildly playful boy. He is crazy about his bumblebee wand toy and likes to play fetch with pipe cleaners. It isn’t uncommon to find him sitting in a box, surveying his domain from atop the kitchen cabinets, or lounging on the back of the couch. Porcini is quite social in small groups of people, although he does startle at sudden noises. He would prefer to spend a quiet evening on your lap.

Santa Fe, on the other hand, is every bit the princess she appears to be. She is a female black and white Domestic Short Hair cat. Her date of birth is April 9, 2021. She likes her personal space; preferring to sit beside you rather than on your lap. She is very vocal and will tell you all about her day: sleeping on your bed, stalking light reflections on the ceiling, and chasing her tail in the bathtub! Santa Fe is not fond of loud noises or groups of people, but her favorite activity involves snuggling up with Porcini.

Porcini and Santa Fe are each other’s favorite thing in the world! They play together, nap together, and even bathe together! This handsome couple MUST be placed together in a loving home with plenty of sunny windowsills, cozy cat trees, and soft couch cushions. They would prefer not to deal with young, loud, or active dogs (though older, slower moving dogs are okay), and only like children who are patient, kind, and gentle. It takes a little while, but they do get along well with other kitties.

Santa Fe has a $75.00 adoption fee. 

Note: ARF reserves the right to deny any application that is deemed unsuitable for the animal. Please be aware that our animal adoptions are NOT on a first come- first serve basis. Our sole purpose is to find the best possible home for the animals that fall under our care. We do not ship our animals. All adopters are expected to come to Tulsa if approved.

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