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In shelter Cat

Warren, CT, 06754
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby (Orange / Red)
Mama Mandolin, aka Mama, is a talkative love bug. She is a beautiful soft orange tabby. Comes for love, pets and belly rubs. She talks to us and the sweetest language with her kittens. She is also very playful, chasing string toys, laser, and full on wrestling with the boys. Not fond of being held bit will come lay beside me for rubs and neck scratches. She will make a lovely addition to the perfect family!

Mandolin and her kittens all tested FIV positive and kittens were retested and are now negative so they were coming out positive because of mom. The sad part is not the diagnosis (thats truly easy to deal with), but that FIV+ is often so misunderstood that kitties like them get passed over all the time. Particularly now, at the height of kitten season when there are so many kittens to chose from, these beautiful kitties are most likely to be passed over. 

Becoming FIV+ is always a possibility for kitties, particularly when they hadnt been spayed or neutered, growing up on the street or fighting cats off when dumped outside at a barn or resort (it is contracted via a deep bite or through sex which is probably how poor Mandolin got it); but also if born to a mother who had to live such a hard life. Often kittens may test positive because of their moms immune system but later retest negative. The good news is that a FIV positive kitty can live a full life inside and is not likely to pass it on, if fixed and he/she is not aggressive. And this litter is pure absolute love. 

With a slow introduction to another friendly cat or in a home with other FIV+ they usually do so well. They are the purrfect kitty for the right home and an experienced cat owner. FIV does not transmit across species. So an FIV+ kitty can easily be adopted into a home with dogs as well (with a slow introduction of course), or as a single animal in a home. As these are kittens though we would need them to be adopted in pairs (or one with mom would be great too) if there are no other animals in the household; as kittens need to wrestle with and learn appropriate play from another cat. 

They dont need expensive, extraordinary treatment to lead long healthy lives. FIV is NOT Feline AIDS. (Just as HIV is NOT AIDS in people.)

As our friends at FIVCatRescue say, FIV cats have the same needs as Non-FIV cats. ALL cats should be neutered, live only with other non-aggressive cats, kept as healthy as possible, live in a safe environment (either indoor and/or outdoor cat-proofed area), stress levels kept down (all cats are hypersensitive), a quality diet (the best you can afford), regular vet exams, treat any health problems when they arise. And LOVE.

You can see more pictures and videos of our fosters on our facebook page: Sophia LOrange Kitten Rescue

All of our adoptable animals are cared for and assessed in foster homes (we do not have a shelter), up to date on age appropriate vaccinations and have been spayed or neutered and tested for FeLV/FIV, before they are adopted. They have had de-worming medication as a standard of care and Flea/Tick/Ear Mite preventive treatment. Medical records will be released with the adopted pet.

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Sophia LOrange Kitten Rescue

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