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Cardi Toe Beans & Meg the Scallion   

In shelter Cat

Windsor Locks, CT, 06096
Pet name:
Cardi Toe Beans & Meg the Scallion
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Cardi and Meg are sweet, bonded sisters who love each other very much. They are incredibly playful and zoom around the house with their many toys. Meg will follow you around the house, demanding love. She has been known to jump on my lap while on the could say she doesnt have a concept of personal space, in the best way possible.

Meg does not have special needs, however, Cardi experienced a spinal trauma as a tiny kitten that left her with hind leg paralysis. She has been undergoing K-laser therapy and chiropractic treatments to alleviate tension on her spine in the hope that she may one day walk. She is not in pain and does not have any health issues related to her injury. She is a healthy, happy baby.

Cardi lives just like any other kitten aside from needing to be stimulated to go to the bathroom three times a day. Helping her potty takes less than two minutes and will be further explained on a virtual call with potential adopters. She does not pee or poop around the house, as she only goes with assistance from her human friends. Her routine is very simple and easy for anyone to do. 

Cardi gets around the house without assistance and is an absolute whirling dervish. Between the two of them, Cardi is the wild one who typically instigates most of her play sessions with her sister and the other cats in our home. They are both hilarious little kittens that deserve a wonderful home together. They love to romp around in their pop up tunnels, play with catnip filled toys and chase around plush mice. They are a dynamic duo.

Meg loves cat friendly dogs, however, Cardi is not a big fan of dogs, which is understandable as she is unable to jump up onto surfaces to get away from them if they approach her too quickly. Cardi and Meg are currently being fostered with puppies and dogs and do tolerate them as long as they respect their boundaries. 

Meg and Cardi have both been spayed,  are microchipped, have all of their core vaccines, tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV and have been treated for parasites. If interested in adopting these cuties, please send inquiries via Petfinder. All potential adopters will complete an application and attend a virtual meet and greet session hosted on Zoom.

Meg and Cardi are located in South Florida. They will be transported to their adopter in New England. You simply meet our flight volunteer at the airport.


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