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Lucy - located in Indiana   

In shelter Dog

Imlay City, MI, 48444
Pet name:
Lucy - located in Indiana
Dutch Shepherd
Lucy is a young female who is getting the best care with her foster family after her time in the shelter, learning structure and getting the mental and physical stimulation she needs. A Dutch Shepherd Malinois cross, she is a petite female who is good with other dogs and has ignored cats that she has met. She loves to play tug and is a fan of treats!

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We are an official 501c3 organization that does not have a physical location. Our home address is in Michigan, however, the majority of our dogs are not located in Michigan. The physical location of each our our dogs is posted with the name of the pet or in the title area. If you are within 4 hours of the pet, please be prepared to pick the pet up. We do provide transport assistance up to 350 miles. The applicant must drive the remainder of the distance of the transport. 

The basic information that we have available is in our posting, but sometimes fosters will post updates on the MAD Rescue Facebook page as well,

If you would like to further inquire on this animal, please fill out this application. Applications that are completed in our process and being considered as a match will speak to the foster home to gain more information about our adoptable dog.

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You may also call our toll free number at 844-MAD-RESQ or 844-623-7377. 

Additional information about all of our dogs for adoption can be located at our website MAD Rescue Inc.


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