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Poinsettia (ID# 62377)   

In shelter Dog

Oakland, CA, 94601
Pet name:
Poinsettia (ID# 62377)
Dutch Shepherd
I am in a foster home and not at the shelter. If you are interested in adopting, submit an adoption questionnaire by email. Learn more here
Here is my video!

PonPon is a higher energy girl who loves to play-wrestle with other dogs small and large, her doggie friends range from 15- 80 pounds and would love a sibling if its a good fit. Her top speed is that of a small gazel and would love a running buddy. The few times shes got to go on a run she has LOVED it, though she would be just as happy with hikes and walks. Out in the world shes more interested in the sniffing of her surroundings than meeting new people. However, occasionally shell take a treat from the Petfood Express employee if they toss it her way. Food and treats are a great way to motivate Miss PonPon!

Once shes had a good play in the back yard or good walk shes happy to chew away on one of her many favorite chew toys/bones while her foster mom works from home and then takes a nap in the afternoon sun. She is also fine spending time at home alone with her foster sister as long as shes had her daily exercise. Shes also very clever, shes learned how to sit, stay (sometimes), knows her name, and even which food bowl is hers! As she continues to grow up she will benefit with continued training using reward-based methods.

Follow her adventures on Instagram: @adopt_oas_poinsettia

Poinsettia has a special fan in Ms. Fabros 4th Grade Class at Laurel Elementary in Oakland. Weve included the special profile that student created on Poinsettias profile photos!