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Daisy Mae & Liam   

In shelter Rabbit

Forest Hills, NY, 11375
Pet name:
Daisy Mae & Liam
Meet Liam and Daisy Mae, the newest IT couple. They were rescued together from the streets of Queens. Their personalities complement each other perfectly, making them the sweetest pair of bunnies you have ever seen. 

They are small/medium sized, litter box trained, inquisitive, and interactive - fun to watch for hours while they binky and do their skillful zoomies.

Daisy Mae is a wonderful, tender and gentle girl, who absolutely loves human interaction. Shell lie next to you and nudge you for attention any chance she gets. If for some unknown reason you forgot about her, shell give you a love nibble to remind you that shes there.

Liam, on the other hand, is sweet and delightful, but slightly reserved.  When hes not spending time with Daisy, or exploring, hell also search for your companionship, and just hang out with you and adore you. Toys and treats are appreciated and will distract them for a while, but they will always come back to you.

Both Daisy and Liam are avid eaters and appreciate anything you can offer them.  Overall they are pretty low maintenance, however, want your love time, and attention and deservedly so.  

Their foster believes they are the most perfect amazing buns but dont take our word for it. Daisey and Liam have a flexible meeting schedule. So come meet them and see for yourself! Contact for an application.


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