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Parrish, FL, 34219
Pet name:
Hi there! My name is Radar - but Im also known as "Pretty Pretty", and I am a 7 year old female Eclectus. I can not wait to find my forever home, so please read on to see if it might be you!

I have a good vocabulary and say my name, hello, hi, and other cute things. My foster mom says I am on the calm and quiet side, for an Eclectus at least! I will call to you if I havent seen you for a little while and I like having people around to talk to. I am very loud when I want to call out, so only single family homes for me. 

My diet in my previous home was not very healthy so my foster mom is working hard to convert me over to healthy pellets and fresh veggies and chop. So far I really like the pellets, but not so much the vegetables. She keeps telling me theyre good for me though, so maybe I will come around eventually. Ive been getting frozen grapes as a special treat and really like those!

One thing you must know about me is that I am a very "flirty girl" and I love men - maybe a little too much! If I come live with you make sure to understand the things to avoid doing to keep me from getting too hormonal. The folks at Florida Parrot Rescue can talk to you all about it in detail, but they includes things like petting me on the body or putting things in my cage that I could make a nest with. 

If you have lots of love and patience for a pretty pretty girl like me, please fill out the adoption application below. I cant wait to meet you! 

Radar would love a new toy or perch as she gets settled in to her foster home. Her wishlist link is here:

Foster location: Near Bradenton, Florida 

Interested in adoption? Please go to our website to fill out an application, view adoption fees and to read our adoption protocols at

An avian veterinarian has properly vetted all birds before they are placed up for adoption. Adoption fees include the bird’s cage IF the bird has a cage - most do, but please ask!

Please e-mail us at for any questions!


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